Chalice Features

Chalice is the latest Electrical Wholesaler software from Agathos. Chalice is graphically designed to be easy and fast to help run your business. It is intuitive and simple and offers the information your staff need to make beneficial and effective business decisions. Chalice has been designed to work in conjunction with Apostle V10, so if you are new to Agathos you will receive the renowned Apostle V10 software along with Chalice, or if you are an existing Agathos customer running Apostle V10, Chalice will give you even more benefits and features.

Chalice presents itself in a web browser*, with a unique and customisable 'dashboard'. The dashboard allows individual users to select widgets specific to their role in the company. The easy to use application has tabs with drop down menus so you can quickly access key elements of the system.

Chalice complements the Apostle system and as such it will continue to grow and gain more and more functionality over time. Chalice v1.0 will include free in-version updates along with full telephone support in the same manner as Apostle V10. Larger additions to the functionality will be released in subsequent versions of Chalice.

This first release includes the following functionality:

  • Dashboard
  • Customisable Widgets
  • Stock Information
  • Customer Information
  • Order progress
  • Document Retrieval
  • Customer Orders
  • Quotation/Project Management
  • Supplier Orders
  • Reporting
  • Report manager
  • Announcement Feature
  • Image management
  • User Admin Control
  • Full Apostle Multiple Tab Access

In addition to the above functions every feature of Apostle Version 10 is available from within Chalice, using the multiple Apostle tabs:

New users will quickly find their way around Chalice, and the simplicity of its use combined with the quick access to information it will undoubtedly enhance business and profits. The screen below is an example of ‘order history’ and the ability to be able to drill down to any level and email, fax or print directly from the system.

When building customer orders, you will have the quick flexibility of being able to convert from an order to a quotation or from a quotation to an order – because as we know, customers don’t always know what they want! And in this respect Chalice allows you to store images against products that can be viewed when selecting products for a customer order or when you are looking at stock information. Should you wish to, you may also attach images or specification sheets to your customer order.

Ever since the very earliest computer systems were used in business, the success was measured by the efficiency and reliability, combined with simplicity and speed. Agathos has always taken these fundamental items very seriously which is why Agathos are one of the most widely used software systems in this industry. When Agathos combine these qualities with what we believe to be unrivalled service, the result is a very prosperous client base throughout the UK.

The Electrical Wholesale industry has always prided itself on being a 'can do' service, as such many wholesalers offer 'specials' in addition to enormous stock profiles. Specials need to be found quickly and information added to a customer order. This is easily facilitated within Chalice, which also has a very powerful and fast method of helping you collate and purchase your special items from your suppliers.

A large number of the UK’s most successful independent electrical wholesalers are running an Agathos system. We believe Chalice will enhance their businesses even further and provide a further advantage over and above those businesses without Agathos.

Agathos Systems have been dedicated to supplying this industry for nearly 40 years, we have a wealth of skills beyond software design. Agathos can help you with your network infrastructure, hardware supply and configuration, system support, ecommerce, web design, disaster recovery and of course training. Agathos are happy to provide and facilitate everything you require or work in partnership with any existing suppliers you may already have.

Chalice is a web based product, which means that it is designed to be accessed via a web browser over a network connection. Agathos have specifically designed Chalice v1.0 to operate at optimum efficiency using Firefox. Firefox is available to download free of charge from

The server will be provided as part of the base licence, this will remain under the care of Agathos as we retain title of the server in order to provide you with total care for 3 years. Any problems or issues with the server during this period of time, Agathos will either resolve these by remote connection and configuration or by a replacement server being dispatched to site. Super specification servers are available for larger businesses.

further information about Chalice or any of the Agathos products contact:
Agathos Systems Limited
12 Churchill Park
0844 257 2011