Our Products

Agathos provides a wide range of products and services:

Chalice Software

Chalice is the latest Electrical Wholesaler software from Agathos. Chalice is graphically designed to be easy and fast to help run your business. It is intuitive and simple and offers the information your staff need to make beneficial and effective business decisions. Chalice has been designed to work in conjunction with Apostle V10, so if you are new to Agathos you will receive the renowned Apostle V10 software along with Chalice, or if you are an existing Agathos customer running Apostle V10, Chalice will give you even more benefits and features.

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Apostle Software

A complete business software for wholesalers and distributors, incorporating full stock control, sales and purchase processing, sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, a vast amount of management control and interfaces to a variety of products. There are a number of clever integrations that Apostle has to allow you amazingly simple and impressive control of your business operations.

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Epostle Software

Epostle is our range of web products. They range from a basic website, right through to very sophisticated ecommerce solutions. The Epostle software can be integrated with Apostle which will save you time and money and create true accuracy.

The Epostle range includes: Epostle, EpostleLITE, EpostlePRO, EpostlePRO+

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Agathos can help you connect all your branches, depots and staff together using the latest communications. We have developed extremely reliable and robust networks for our customers using the well proven iBox and vBox solutions.